You send your unit to us, we repair or remanufacture it, test it, and send it back, no need for re coding to the car. In some cases a mechanic or auto electrician will be required to remove and re install the part. They may need to bleed the brakes and clear the codes after re installing. In Sydney we have a mechanic nearby who offers this service to our customers at extra cost approx $350, please contact them on (02) 9674 6310 / www.tozzismechanics.com.au

Most units take 1 day in the workshop. Once your unit is repaired it is sent pack via Express Post.

In some cases f you are technically minded, yes. All you have to do is remove the six torx bolts and the electrical connections. Other components may need to be loosened or removed to get access to these torx screws. Some modules and pumps will require a mechanic or auto electrician.

Some repairs require just the module and others such as the Mitsubishi Lancer require the module and pump to be sent in as a whole. Please contact us and we can advise you.

If you remove just the control module, you are not breaking into the hydraulic fluid system and you will still have power brakes. So, the car can be driven, however, we do not recommend it. You must be aware that you will not have ABS, so the vehicle may brake differently. Take extra care when driving.

A piece of hard cardboard must be taped to the base of the module to make sure it is not damaged. As the unit contains delicate electronics and can be damaged in shipment, you will need to pack it well.  We recommend that you use a larger box , wrap the unit in a double layer of bubble wrap and fill in the extra space with packing peanuts or paper.  Don’t forget to include your contact details in the box.

Credit card, Paypal, cash or EFT transfer. Please note payment is required at completion of repair.




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